Cadenz assists your company in aligning IT and Business needs within your organization:

  • Strategy & Design
  • Solution & Build
  • Plan & Run
  • Forming the Agile BI Service Center

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Cadenz  offers training and workshops tailored to your company’s needs:

  • Managing projects & Problem solving
  • BI Governance
  • Data modeling
  • Ad Hoc specialist courses

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About our company

Combining solid BI expertise with profound industry knowledge Cadenz is able to analyze, understand and offer advisory consultancy that translates into added value. Our Lean and Agile thinking focuses on achieving business benefits at all times.

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Business Intelligence

The question whether Business Intelligence is needed or not is no longer at issue. It is a question of timing! In a more and more globalizing European economy where the emerging countries are marching in the troops, the only competitive edge that will remain will be the local business insights that they do not have. This given compels to:

  • Fast distribution of business information
  • Being able to discover, analyze, and explore trends
  • Available, accurate and consistent information
  • Answers to many unanswered business questions