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The unstoppable digitization resulted in a mind boggling growth of applications and data volumes of all kinds. And we are just at the beginning of a revolution that will touch every business and every life on this planet. Data volumes are exploding, more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. At the rate at which data and our ability to analyze it are growing, businesses of all sizes — large and small — will be using some form of business analytics to impact their business in the next five years. Forbes calculated that at the moment less than 0.5% of all data is ever analyzed and used, just imagine the potential here.

We guide you to successful Information Management initiatives

Despite several years of implementing all kinds of technology solutions and techniques, most companies still face serious ICT challenges. Business users cannot access the right information in a timely manner or in the right context, different tools exist in different company entities and access various data sources, information is inconsistent, data silos exist across disparate systems, data volumes can no longer be managed, unreliable forecasts are produced, regulatory compliance can no longer be ensured, and so on. To resolve these business challenges, a thorough technology approach is required. Sure, technology matters but you need the right industry specific approach to become a successful information-led organization.

Cadenz consultancy is a professional services company with seasoned experts ready to help you facing challenges in the domain of Information Technology Solutions. Our ability to understand your business combined with our strong business analysis expertise, Cadenz consultancy ensures that your organization’s IT initiatives meet their objectives.

Pragmatic. Hands-on. Business value driven.


We focus on customer needs with broad and specialist expertise teams

The current market demand compels for an approach that crosses sectors and service lines – starting with your organization’s needs – with both broad as well as specialized expertise. A flexible and agile approach that overcomes the internal barriers that may prevent putting the right teams together.

Our highly business oriented consultants master the tricks of the trade very well and they are more than happy to share their best-practices with you. We are firm believers of a methodical, yet agile, approach to start, build and operate durable analytics solutions.

Business Analysis. Solution Architecture. Delivery Management.