Coaching & Training

Coaching & Training services

Leading and managing change

Most Data & Analytics projects are complex of nature and are usually to always not limited to just implementing software. As a matter of fact that is just a small piece of the puzzle of success. As business professionals we need to expand our ability to motivate, influence, and develop individuals and groups, starting with a deep personal understanding. At Cadenz we coach and train in self-direction, self-supporting change through awareness, looking into the unique strengths of each individual and build on what one does well in view of a Data & Analytics initiative.

Coaching & Training

Based on organizational individuality a personalised plan is designed to enhance performance at the workplace, augment skills in working with others, and maximize the potential and performance of organizations and teams. We provide consultancy-led coaching and training services to enable your organization to translate course theory into practical business benefits with a quick return. Our flexible delivery options include workshops, brown bag sessions and many more.

Our training curriculum is focused on the jumpstart and execution of Data & Analytics initiatives and consists of the following topics:

  • Business Analytics Masterclass
  • Requirements Gathering for Business Analytics
  • Managing a Business Analytics Project
  • Agile Scrum for Business Analytics
  • Data Visualization Applied

Experienced Consultant Trainers

Our courses are delivered by experienced consultant-trainers who blend professional training skills with knowledge gained through delivery in the field.